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Super Metal Repair Systems

■      Complete Methodology for metal restoration

■      Excellent mechanical strength

■      Excellent in underwater repair

■      Developed for worn threads & shafting

■      Excellent on protection for all dirt’s, grease & corrosion

■      Versatile for machining properties & specification

■      Ideal for repairs to pumps, valves, worn shafts, stripped threads, pipes tanks, radiators & casing.

■      Ideal for rebuilding

■      Easy to apply on all weather condition

■      Versatile on packing for orders

■      Environmental friendly

■      Allows repair in one easy applicaiton

Ceramic Carbide Lining System

■      High abrasion resistance

■      High performance fluid ceramic top coat

■      Provides outstanding resistance to implement, entertainment erosion / corrosion

■      Optimum resistance for erosion / corrosion

■      Low friction to enhance fluid flow

■      Ideal for protection pumps, valves, impeller, water-boxes

■      Solvent free flexible urethane ceramic compound

■      Ideal for resurfacing properties Kurt nozzles, guide, valves, tube sheet etc.

■      Optimum physical & mechanical strength

■      Ideal equipment subject to aggressive attack from dry solids & slurries

■      Versatile on packing for orders

Elastomeric Rubber Repair System

■      Complete system for rubber restoration

■      High performance fluid grade elastomer developed for casting & moulding rubber components

■      Rapid cure elastomer

■      Developed for the emergency repair of rubber components by trower or putty knife

■      Ideal for conveyor belt repairs where downtime is limited

■      Allows repair in on easy application

■      Environmental friendly product

■      Versatile on packing for orders

Chemical Protection System

■      High builds solvent free epoxy coating design for the long term protection of steel & concrete structure

■      Highly resistant to marine & industrial environment

■      Excellent resistance to abrasion & mechanical damage

■      High build solvent free polyurethane coating designed for the efficient long term protection of pump valves, fitting & equipment

■      Suitable for contact with potable water

■      Seamless finish, excellent abrasion resistance

Thistle Bond Marine Repair Kit

■      Solvent free coating to repair polyester resin laminated hulls

■      Excellent penetration adhesion & over coating properties

■      Water Activated bandages & fast curing metal repair compound

■      Specialty selected range of high performance, laminate, adhesive & engineering repair products

■      Ideal for emergency repairs to leaking firework

■      Allows repair in on easy application

■      Versatile on packing for orders

Concrete Repair & Protection System



Product Line

■ Non-Shrink Cementitious Grout

■ High flow Shrinkage Compensated Cementitious Grout

■ High Strength, General Purpose Epoxy Grout

■ High Strength Epoxy Grout for Deep Pour Application

Grouting Products
Waterproofing & Damproofing
Concrete Repair System
Dry Shake Floor Hardeners